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donodo’s In-person assistance service provides individuals and/or companies the advantage of having a highly-skilled assistant associate physically present and ready to address needs as they arise.


Below are several examples of individual requests:

  • Personal tasks such as accompanying clients to a driving license testing site and provide translation services during the actual application process.

  • Accompanying potential-students in School/College/University open house and assisting in inquiries and requirements gathering and submission

  • Accompanying clients in different personal appointments such as medical, legal, etc.


Examples of Company requests:

  • Interpreter and liaison for single transactions or long term business projects between Japanese and U.S. based entities or companies during an actual in-person meeting.


donodo’s talent search consulting service assists individuals and/or companies in searching for the perfect person or partner company to meet their needs. From companies looking for Japanese artists to American companies looking for Japanese partners or vice versa, we have got your back!


donodo’s virtual assistance service helps individuals and/or companies complete tasks without having to be physically present at the actual location where tasks need to be accomplished. These tasks range from simple personal needs to operational requirements as well as facilitating business transactions while saving time and cost.

Examples of individual requests:

  • Assisting in Social Media Management - translating youtube videos scripts or twitter posts for Social Media Influencers

  • Translation of official documents, completion of online forms and applications for school, business and much more.

  • Assisting in relocation, from finding a place to live or simply orienting the person, family or group on their new community.

  • Scheduling appointments for different services such as medical appointments or consultations with legal firms.

Examples of Company requests:

  • Interpreter and liaison for single transactions or long term business projects between Japanese and U.S. based entities or companies.

  • Translation of business documents. Researching Japanese or U.S. requirements need to operate or complete a task such as permits, licenses, rules and regulations.




donodo’s Business / Leisure Travel Planning portfolio provides bespoke and curated travel experiences through our Florida Sun Experience Plan product offered in partnership with Miami Japan Tours.


Our Florida Sunset Experience Plan and Florida Sunrise Experience Plan cater to different needs of our very special clients. Our high-profile and unique clientele spans celebrities, politicians, businesspersons or anybody who favors privacy and wants a bespoke private getaway.


With our social media management experience and exposure, we can also customize special trips and activities for Social Media Influencers such as Youtubers and Bloggers searching for new contents to reach that 1 million followers milestone and beyond. We promise to work super close with you and create nothing but the best experience you could possibly have.


Our special process allows us to know you more. What you want or don’t want. What you like and don’t like. We will make sure you have a very smooth and pleasurable experience.